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Rosana Soler is a young Spanish girl who is sent to Venezuela to live with her Aunt Celeste and Uncle Elias when she is orphaned. After a rape attempt by her uncle, Rosana runs away from home and meets Eva Rudel, a cruel woman who runs a whorehouse. Thanks to Celeste, Rosana becomes a ward of Eva, whose husband has a bastard son, Alvaro, that he wants to legitimize and bring to Caracas. Armando doesn't know that his son had been a bullfighter who was killed in the ring, so when he shows up in Spain to collect his son, Alvaro's sister Isabel dresses up as a boy and greets her new dad. Isabel's goal, however, is to wreak vengeance on Eva, who was responsible for landing her mother in jail. Rosana accompanies Armando to Spain and on the plane bumps into Makuto, who has just been released from prison where he was incarcerated for a crime he didn't commit. They fall in love.
Mariela Alcala as Rosana Soler
Carlos Montilla as Macuto
Jorge Aravena as Cabrerita
Astrid Carolina Herrera as Isabel/Alvaro/Lucero
Julie Restifo as Eva Rudell
Elba Escobar as La Franca
Luis Fernández as Daniel
Javier Vidal as Martin Guzman
Astrid Gruber as Ambar Castillo
Ines María Calero as Muñeca
Alberto Sunshine as Gustavo
Gladys Caceres as Erika
Betty Ruth as Doña Rocio
Martin Lantigua as Armando Castillo
Alma Inglann as Carmela
Olimpia Maldonado as Julieta
Juan C. Gardie as Antonio
Yajaira Paredes as Gloria
Carolina Groppuso as Grilla
Alexander Montilla as Guillermo
Johnny Nessy as Saúl
Gabriela Spanic

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